How to schedule

How to Schedule

Every Believer a Witness® is the 1st and basic evangelism training revival. It establishes the philosophy and methodology that starts a church on being able to create and maintain a culture of witnessing and evangelism®. How to (Actually) Enjoy Being a Christian® builds upon it. Simple Evangelism®: How Ordinary Believers Can Witness Each Day is the third training revival.

Every Believer a Witness® has three formats. Two (“revival” and “multi-one days” are led by an Every Believer a Witness® Trainer, and the third is led by the Pastor over 7 Sunday mornings. We will be delighted to talk with you about the advantages of each format. Also, if you have a specific Trainer you want to use, it is best to check with our office as to his availability.


Our three evangelism training conferences are usually held on a “love offering and expenses” basis. However, we will also come on an “honorarium and expenses” basis. Our Senior Adult and Parenting Conferences are held on a Confirmation Fee and per attendee change, plus expenses basis.

Below are the Agreement Particulars for the respective conferences, Confirmation Forms, and pages entitled Important Information. Please call to ask any questions or discuss specifics. Please read the Agreement Particulars, then fill out the Confirmation Form for the Training Conference you want to schedule (check our schedule for available dates for Dennis. We do have other Trainers, each personally trained by Dennis), sign the Confirmation Form, and send to us. Please call to discuss any questions.

Every Believer A Witness

How to (Actually) Enjoy Being a Christian