The Mission of

Every Believer a Witness

Since our beginning in 2003, various surveys have reported that the number of people who actively share their faith has dropped from 10%, to 5%, to 3%. The last one we saw said only 2% of believers are actively sharing the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. All of our training conferences are focused on seeing this change by helping pastors and leaders motivate and equip the entire congregation to actively share the Gospel.

The main training is Every Believer a Witness, held as a 4-day conference led by one of our Trainers, or a sermon series over 7 Sunday mornings led by the pastor or leader who has been trained via our online Pastor Training. With either format, we give the leader a proven Follow-Up Plan to enable them to create and maintain a culture of witnessing and evangelism®, which is THE goal of our ministry.

Each of our Trainers became convinced of the effectiveness of Every Believer a Witness when they either hosted or led it in their own churches. They are excited about helping other pastors see evangelism become the norm in their churches.

Trainers 1

Al O’Quinn

Trainers 2

William Johnson

Trainers 3

Paul Monroe

Trainers 4

Chip Hannah

Trainers 5

Dennis Nunn

Founder & President

Dennis Nunn, Founder and President of Every Believer a Witness Ministries has spoken in hundreds of churches across America to groups ranging in size from dozens to thousands. Prior to Every Believer a Witness, Dennis served as a pastor for 20 years. For many of those 20 years, Dennis was also an instructor for Walk Thru the Bible Ministries with Bruce Wilkinson, and later, Chip Ingram. Dennis twice received the President’s Award as Walk Thru’s #1 ranked instructor.

Dennis’ spiritual gifts are teaching and exhortation and he designed Every Believer a Witness to make learning to share your faith extremely simple and easy.

Dennis and his wife, Jane, began the ministry in 2005. While Dennis has been the face of the ministry speaking in churches, Jane is an instrumental partner working with Dennis, often behind the scenes, where she has handled correspondence, communication with churches, bookkeeping responsibilities and much more.  Jane has been the true picture of a Proverbs 31 woman and has faithfully worked in the ministry since its inception.  Anyone who has been fortunate enough to know Jane understands what an integral part of the ministry she has been!

Dennis and Jane now live in Summerfield (Greensboro), NC. They are blessed with three children and five grandchildren.

Our Board of Directors

Ralph Rowland
Chairman - Retired Businessman
Alpharetta, GA
Susan Nunn
Secretary – President, Atlanta Recruiting Group
Greensboro, NC
David Vance
President, Zone 1 Consulting
Mooresville, NC
Paul Monroe
Retired Pastor, Capital City Baptist Church
Columbia, SC