What is Every Believer a Witness?

It is a revolutionary new evangelism ministry, designed to motivate and train Sunday morning attendees to actively share their faith and to show the pastor how to “create and maintain a culture of witnessing and evangelism®“. For several years Every Believer a Witness® has been taught as a Sunday-Wednesday Evangelism Training Revival, with tremendous attendance and fantastic response.

Now pastors are being trained to teach this over seven Sunday mornings to the entire church body and being shown how to “create and maintain a culture of witnessing and evangelism®“.

Online Training

Why be trained?

Few pastors would say, “Our church has a culture of witnessing and evangelism”. Yet it is not because godly pastors haven’t been faithfully exhorting their people to witness. And it is not because of a scarcity of good Bible-based evangelism programs and strategies. Caz McCaslin, founder of Upward Sports, says, “If you want something you have never had, you have to do something you have never done.”

What's Included

When your Training Fee is received we send you:


  • A Digital Download of live teaching (Note: registration deadlines)
  • Digital Download of all training and teaching materials included
  • A Download of the multi-page 4 Color Session Notes
  • Training on the unique methodology that makes Every Believer a Witness® so powerful and effective
If you decide to teach Every Believer a Witness® and purchase Session Notes, you receive a digital download of these materials:


  • The professional PowerPoint presentation
  • Downloads of select illustrations
  • A Promotional Materials link with a promotional schedule and files of all promotional materials (posters, video clips, announcements, social media graphics etc.).
  • Outlines for Sunday School or small group lessons that can be taught to complement the Pastor’s Worship Service teaching.
  • Training on how to follow up your initial teaching to “create and maintain a culture of witnessing and evangelism®“.
After training you will receive:


  • Unlimited free phone or email consultation
    In-person consultation by a daily charge

How much does it cost?

The training is $49 for a digital download and $99 for hard copies. Scholarships available if needed.

How much does it cost if I decide to lead my church in Every Believer a Witness®?

The multi-page, four-color Session Notes are purchased additionally. They cost $7 per set of 7 if purchased on the day of training, plus shipping. If purchased after training, the session notes are $8 per set, plus shipping. Each person in the service, first grade and up, needs their own copy of the Session Notes. Thus the cost for Session Notes for a church of 100 (1st grade and up) for the entire 7 weeks would be $700 if purchased at the time of training, or $800 plus shipping if purchased after training.

NOTE: Financial help may be available if needed. Contact us for more information.

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