Speaker Agreement

Every Believer a Witness Ministries exists to help local churches fulfill the Great Commission. Our desire is to assist every church who requests it. The following financial information reflects our desire to keep the costs at a minimum while providing your church with an opportunity to invest in seeing thousands of other believers, often in small churches, begin to actively share the Gospel with others.

Confirmation Fee
We do not charge a Confirmation Fee. However, cancellations are very hurtful, often resulting in no, or greatly reduced income for our ministry that week. So we ask you, by signing, to commit to have the Speaker come on the agreed date(s) unless there is a bona fide emergency, rather than canceling because you decide to postpone it or switch dates to a more convenient time.

Speaker’s Travel, Lodging, and Meal Expenses
The cost of the Speaker’s travel, lodging, and meals for your event, including travel to and from, is paid for by the church. The Speaker will coordinate with you to make all travel arrangements and will make every effort to keep these costs low. We ask that you provide lodging in a moderately priced hotel such as Hampton Inn or Holiday Inn Express rather than a private residence. This allows the Speaker to be in a more relaxed and restful environment, also allowing him plenty of personal time. These expenses are paid by the church/ministry, in addition to rather than deducted from the Love Offering.

Love Offering
Every Believer a Witness Ministries is primarily sustained by the Love Offerings received from churches where we minister. We ask the Senior Pastor to share about the impact of giving and take a separate “pass the plate” Love Offering at the close of each service. (You may have ushers stand at the doors on Sunday morning.) We will send our ministry’s Love Offering Envelopes ahead of time. If your church prefers to give an honorarium, please note that on the Confirmation Form. When deciding an appropriate honorarium amount, please bear in mind that your gift will represent most, if not all, of the income that Speaker earns for the ministry that week.

Expense Summary Report
At the conclusion of your event, the Speaker will provide you with an Expense Reimbursement Form, itemizing all expenses for his/her travel, meals, and lodging. You may write a check for these expenses, along with a check for the Love Offering, to Every Believer a Witness Ministries at that time, or mail them to our office within 7 days.

Make All Checks Payable To:
Every Believer a Witness Ministries
PO Box 1136
Summerfield, NC 27358

A 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Corporation
EIN: 30-0214666 (a 1099 not required)