Pastor Cletus Titus on "How to (Actually) Enjoy Being a Christian."

Pastor Michael Waters on "How to (Actually) Enjoy Being a Christian."

How To Actually Enjoy Being A Christian 1

How To (Actually)
Enjoy Being A Christian?

The sad reality is that many Christians are NOT very joyful. Not only does this make Christianity unattractive to non-believers, but it is totally contrary to what Jesus said should be true in the lives of his followers:

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

Jesus even prayed and told his father,

"...I say these things... so that they may have the full measure of my joy within them."

If this is God's desire for His children, and so important in evangelism, then why is it that most Christians are not very joyful?

Because they have gotten away from the basics of the Christian life:

Many church members are either lost or unsure of their salvation.
Most Christians ignore the consequences of unconfessed sin.
Few Cristians study or even read their Bibles.
Most Christians have, at best, a sporadic prayer life.
Few Christians talk to others about Jesus.

How To Actually Enjoy Being a Christian has these 5 sessions:

Be sure you are a Christian! On Sunday morning, your people are given a three question sef test to see if they are saved.
Confess you sins immediately. Sunday evening examines the consequences of unconfessed sin and the joy of staying close and clean.
Study and obey your Bible daily. Monday evening not only teaches five key reasons to study your Bible, but HOW to study your Bible.
Spend time talking with God each day.Tuesday evening teaches your people in a very simple way HOW to develop a prayer list and make prayer a priority.
Actively share your faith. This message shows your people it is their personal responsibility to witness AND the joy it creates."