We’ve put together a skit for you to utilize in your main worship service a week or two before the revival begins. Take a look at this video for an example of a youth skit created for Every Believer a Witness. (Note that it does not follow the proceeding script.)


Teen 1 Soul winner, voice of reason
Teen 2 Drama queen
Teen 3 Comic relief
Teen 4 Somewhat the voice of reason


  • Small couch
  • Stuffed chair
  • Coffee table
  • Bibles, purses, cell phones


Evangelism… AGHHHH!!!

Scene opens with everyone casually sitting around either a table or couch & chairs.


A/V TEAM: Lights up on stage right (not too tight of light that it will cut their heads off when they stand up).


Teen 2 So who’s this special character that’s coming to our church?
Teen 3 Some monk or priest… No, that’s not it. It’s a… a nun!
Teen 4 Not “a” nun. Dennis Nunn with Living the New Life Ministries.
Teen 3 I was close. (Whap! All whaps delivered after each of Josh’s goofy lines)
Teen 2 So is he a missionary, or sports figure, or some big-name preacher?
Teen 4 No. He’s teaching five different sessions on witnessing.
Teen 3 Aw, man. Why do we have to know how to do that stuff? (Whap)
Teen 2 Let’s get real. Evangelism, soul-winning, witnessing… Whatever you want to call it, is for ministers and stuff.
Teen 4 I don’t think I’m called to witness anyway.
Teen 1 You’re kidding, right?
Teen 2 Well, I think that’s scary stuff!!
Teen 4 (Very exaggerated and drawn out) I know… My mom said that she had this friend who went on visitation and got so lost trying to find the visit that she didn’t make it back home for three days!
Teen 3 (More exaggerated… Each story tries to top the last) Oh, yeah, well… My friend Barry sleeps with a night light on every night because when he went on a visit two big, HUGE pitbulls met him at the door! He’s never been the same since!
Teen 4 Isn’t he 24? (#3 makes a face and you guessed it… whap)
Teen 2 (More intense…) Well, I just don’t do well being put on the spot. I went one time and after the lady came to the door, I totally forgot my name, who I was there to visit, and my partner’s name! My partner had to pry the Sunday School information out of my hand and give it to her!
Teen 3 Guys! This isn’t about going out visiting, knocking on doors – it’s about talking to your friends, people you already know!
Teen 4 (Yep… keep that intensity building) I heard that you have to be a Bible scholar and I mean SCHO – LAR to do evangelism. Unless you totally know Greek and Hebrew, you might as well stay at home.
Teen 1 You guys are kidding, right?
Teen 3 Ahhh, (looks as if he will say yes) no… (Whap!)
Teen 1 Listen, what about soul winners in our church like our Pastor?
Teen 4 Now, who’s kiddin!
Teen 3 You can’t use the pastor. He knows everything about the Bible and besides if anybody messed with him, I think God would zap ’em right there on the spot! (Whap!)
Teen 1 Alright, then, let’s don’t measure by the pastor. What about the faithful men and women of our church who share their faith every week?
Teen 4 Again, with the “are you kidding?” Do you know these people?
Teen 3 Yeah, they’re like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible or one of those tough women who can handle anything on Survivor! (Whap!)
Teen 2 Who would mess with them?
Teen 1 Wow! I feel like I am in the room with a bunch of – (pause) Let’s look at this a different way. Do you guys know what the Great Commission is?
Teen 3 Ahh… (looks as if he will say yes) no. (Whap!)
Teen 1 In Acts 1:8, before Jesus leaves for Heaven after His resurrection He tells His disciples what He has for them to do. He said “You are to be my witnesses…”
Teen 2 But what if we don’t know how or are scared?
Teen 1 That’s exactly why Mr. Nunn is coming. He’s going to teach us how to overcome our fears and teach us what to say. And this is the best part – we aren’t going to have to memorize anything!
Teen 3 Can’t we just let the preachers and missionaries do it? And we could even throw in the church staff for good measure. (Whap!)
Teen 1 Nope. No one is off the hook. Jesus told us all to go and tell and promised that He would give us the power to do it.
Teen 4 So what you’re saying is since Jesus has already told us to go, that we should listen to Mr. Nunn and find out how to share, and we aren’t going to have to make any visits, read any books, watch any videos or memorize anything?!
Teen 1 You got it!
Teen 4 I’m in!
Teen 2 Me too! (Teens 1, 2, and 4 get up to go)
Teen 3 (still seated) Hey, but what about the BIG dogs? And getting lost for three days? I know my mom would worry. I don’t want to have to memorize the whole Bible. Come on guys! (as Teen 3 leans forward with his eyes closed, the rest exit) …Guys?


A/V TEAM: Lights fade down and out.