This promotional schedule with outline very specifically what to do from the time you choose to do an Every Believer revival with us, all the way until the week of the revival.

Important Information

Covering topics ranging from the service schedules to what to do with the children, this important information is… important! It is essential that you acquaint yourself with this information to carry off a well-executed Every Believer a Witness revival.


Here are four promotional videos we encourage you to show (see promotional schedule for timing) to maximize attendance.

Youth Skit

This skit can be used not only to raise awareness of your event, but also to encourage youth to be involved and attend.

Print Materials

These print materials include five posters and a bulletin insert that you can use to promote Every Believer a Witness in your church in the weeks leading up to the event.

Pastor’s Teaching Packet

These materials used to be mailed to pastors but now you are able to download them and print what is needed.