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Here are just a few of the hundreds of current or former Pastors who have had Every Believer a Witness®. Read or watch what some of them say, or feel free to call any of them (the absence of a quote or video does not imply they are anything less than enthusiastic about Every Believer a Witness®).


Pastor Rob Jackson
Pastor Rob Jackson
Pastor Al Jackson
Pastor Al Jackson
Dr. Adam Dooley
Dr. Adam Dooley
Pastor Harry Reeder

“With no hesitation I encourage you to take advantage of this highly effective servant and this evangelism-equipping ministry.”

Pastor Lon Ostrzycki

“In the past nine weeks since having Every Believer a Witness®, we have seen 19 people make a profession of faith, and 38 members have been added to our church family!”

Pastor Scotty Hogan

"Absolutely amazing at motivating the average Christian to stand and speak for the Lord Jesus Christ!”


Pastor Gary Hollingsworth

“To hear many of our people share about how they are now ‘telling their story’ of how they came to know Christ excites my heart.”



Pastor James Peoples

“Every Believer a Witness® is the single most powerful thing we have ever done as a ministry in evangelism training.”


Pastor Johnny Hunt

“This will make a difference in your church.”


New Mexico

N. Carolina


S. Carolina




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