Simple Evangelism

Simple Evangelism

One of the greatest blessings in evangelism is
also one of the worst – outreach visitation!

For many years thousands of people were won to Christ when they were visited in their homes. Most evangelical churches had a special night, usually called outreach or visitation, devoted to visiting in homes. Today, while a few people are still being reached via in-home visits, it is nowhere near the numbers reached in less busy days, when there were far less things competing for people’s time.

More than that, in spite of expressed teachings to the contrary, most believers have come to regard evangelism and witnessing as something done by a small percentage of the members, and on a certain evening of the week.

Simple Evangelism is specifically designed to counter those views and change believers’ conduct by motivating and training your members to see how ordinary believers can witness each day. The five sessions are:

1. By sharing your story. When Pastor David Leavell had Evew Believer a Witness at FBC Millington, and saw hundreds of his people writing out their testimonies on Sunday evening, he commented, “l wish we could have everyone write their testimony out on Sunday morning”.

On Sunday morning, using volunteers as helpers, Dennis clearly teaches that THE responsibility of every believer is to share the Good News. After showing that the New Testament pattern for witnessing was simply telling what Jesus had done for that individual, the people are taught how to, and actually do, write out their personal stow. They are then asked to make a list of five people they want to see come to faith in Christ, and commit to share their story with one of them in the next week.

2. By standing strong in the storms of life. Jesus Himself taught, and the New Testament repeatedly teaches that in addition to the special storms experienced by followers of Christ, believers also will experience the same problems and challenges faced by non-believers.

On Sunday evening, believers are taught how to use their response to the storms of life to grow, and to show the reality of Jesus in their lives.

3. By seeing your job or school as your main ministry and mission field. On Monday evening, Dennis teaches from Colossians 3:22-4:6, five specific things believers can do at work or school to show the difference Jesus makes in the lives of His followers.

4. By strengthening your family. Studies and surveys repeatedly reveal that the percentage of Christians experiencing disintegration of their Christian marriages and homes is basically the same as unbelievers. On Tuesday evening, Dennis teaches specific things husbands, wives, children and parents can do to make a difference in their families.

5. By showing love for other Christians. There is one particular thing that Jesus says will let others know we are His disciples – showing love for one another. On Wednesday evening, we get very specific about what love does and how it acts. Everything else we think is important in evangelism pales beside this command of our Lord Jesus. Yet, it is probably the most ignored aspect of reaching lost people.

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