Why Have Every Believer a Witness?

Every Believer a Witness doesn’t replace anything a church is currently doing in outreach/evangelism, but is designed to motivate and train your entire congregation to actively share with their families, friends, classmates, neighbors and co-workers, in a non-pushy way, what Jesus has done for them.

More than that, churches that implement our simple Follow-Up Plan after having Every Believer a Witness, are able to create and maintain a culture of witnessing and evangelism®.

Here are 10 unique things that make Every Believer a Witness so powerful and effective:

  1. It begins in the Sunday morning worship services, when the masses of uninvolved members are present.
  2. It involves the people in self-teaching as they read the Scriptures aloud themselves.
  3. It uses new ways of motivating people to want to witness and to believe they can.
  4. It utilizes attractive four color Session Notes for each person.
  5. It reduces training to the lowest common denominator.
  6. So simple children can do it. It requires no visits, no books to read, no DVDs or CDs to watch or listen to, and nothing to memorize!
  7. It focuses on the witnessing style that every believer can do well – sharing in a non-pushy way what Jesus has done for them.
  8. It teaches the people two additional ways to keep their daily focus on witnessing.
  9. It teaches witnessing as a way of life in believers’ normal activities.
  10. It provides the pastor with a proven follow-up plan to create and maintain a culture of witnessing and evangelism® after the catalyst kick off.



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