What Pastors Say

Here are just a few of the hundreds of current or former Pastors who have had Every Believer a Witness®. Read or watch what some of them say, or feel free to call any of them (the absence of a quote or video does not imply they are anything less than enthusiastic about Every Believer a Witness®).

Dr. Adam Dooley
Sunnyvale First Baptist Church
Sunnyvale, Texas
Dr. Tim Cox
Liberty Baptist Church
Chelsea, Alabama

The Late Dr. Phillip Davis
Nations Ford Church
Charlotte, North Carolina

Pastor Dickie Spargo
Bethlehem Church
Gastonia, North Carolina

Pastor Rob Jackson
Central Baptist Church
Decatur, Alabama

Pastor Al Jackson
Lakeview Baptist Church
Auburn, Alabama

Pastor Steve Brown
Golden Valley Baptist Church
Golden Valley, Arizona

Dr. Richard Piles
First Baptist Church Camden
Camden, Arkansas

Pastor Patrick Pfrimmer
Woodlawn Baptist Church
Crestview, Florida

Pastor Jeff Overton
First Baptist Church
Fernandina Beach, Florida

Pastor Richard Sego
Trinity Baptist Church
Ocala, Florida

Pastor George Cline
Antioch Baptist Church
Blairsville, Georgia

Pastor Dannie Williams
Lyons First Baptist Church
Lyons, Georgia

Pastor Craig Bowers
Wynnbrook Baptist Church
Columbus, GA

Stacy Dyer
Georgia Baptist Convention
State of Georgia

Pastor Jim Perdue
Second Baptist Church
Warner Robins, Georgia

Pastor Charles Simmons
Berean Bible Church
Indianapolis, Indiana

Pastor Keith Warden
First Baptist Picayune
Picayune, Mississippi

Pastor Tim Lampley
Broadway Baptist Church
Southaven, Mississippi

Dr. Richard Young
First Baptist Church O’Fallon
O’Fallon, Missouri

Dr. Alan Stoddard
First Baptist Church
Ruidoso, New Mexico

Dr. Bruce Martin
Village Baptist Church
Fayetteville, North Carolina

Dr. Bobby Blanton
Lake Norman Baptist Church
Huntersville, North Carolina

The Late Dr. Bill Bowyer
Wake Cross Roads
Raleigh, North Carolina

Pastor Roger Overton
Chapel GroveBaptist Church
Gastonia, North Carolina

Pastor Kevin Baker
Martha Road Baptist Church
Atlus, Oklahoma

Pastor Danny Singleton
Exciting Whitefield
Belton, South Carolina

Dr. Keith Shorter
Mt. Airy Baptist Church
Easley, South Carolina

Dr. Hank Williams
Boiling Springs First Baptist
Boiling Springs, South Carolina

Dr. Hollie Miller
Sevier Heights Baptist Church
Knoxville, Tennessee

Dr. Chuck Herring
Collierville First Baptist Church
Collierville, Tennessee

Dr. David Leavell
Millington First Baptist Church
Millington, Tennessee

Pastor Mark Becton
Grove Avenue Baptist Church
Richmond, Virginia

Pastor Shahn Wilburn
Woodlanw Baptist Chrust
Ripplemead, Virginia

Pastor Stephen Lackey
Second Baptist Church
Floyd, Virginia


Pastor Harry Reeder

“With no hesitation I encourage you to take advantage of this highly effective servant and this evangelism-equipping ministry.”

Pastor Lon Ostrzycki

“In the past nine weeks since having Every Believer a Witness®, we have seen 19 people make a profession of faith, and 38 members have been added to our church family!”

Pastor Scotty Hogan

“Absolutely amazing at motivating the average Christian to stand and speak for the Lord Jesus Christ!”


Pastor Gary Hollingsworth

“To hear many of our people share about how they are now ‘telling their story’ of how they came to know Christ excites my heart.”


Pastor James Peoples

“Every Believer a Witness® is the single most powerful thing we have ever done as a ministry in evangelism training.”


Pastor Johnny Hunt

“This will make a difference in your church.”

Pastor Jeff Lyle

“There is now the active element of contagious enthusiasm for telling people about Christ.”

Levi Skipper

“We have seen many salvations, both during and after the training.”

Pastor Brad Marchman

“People who had never spoken in public were sharing their testimonies.”

Pastor Bill Harrell

“Every Believer a Witness® is one of the most helpful things we have ever done.”

Pastor Al O’Quinn

“The real strength of Every Believer a Witness® is the practicality of it. I would encourage every pastor to consider utilizing this awesome material, or inviting Dennis to come teach at their church!”

Pastor Stacy Dyer

“Many people are now witnessing through tracts, testimony and prayer that never before were comfortable or able to do so.”

North Carolina

Pastor Allan Blume

“We are continuing to reap the rewards of your ministry every day!”

Pastor Jake Thornhill

Every Believer a Witness® is practical, relational. It will energize you and the church.”

Pastor Clay Stevens

“We have seen a dramatic rise in the number of people who are actively looking for opportunities to witness.”


Pastor Wade Burleson

“Hands down, in 25 years of ministry, this past week did more to encourage our church family to be faithful in witnessing to others than anything I have ever before experienced.”

South Carolina

Pastor Mike Hamlet

“Each night, we had people stand up who had never spoken in church before and share how they had witnessed to someone that day.”

Pastor Paul Monroe

“We have seen more baptisms in the 5 months since Every Believer a Witness® than in any year since I’ve been here.”

Pastor Rick Scott

“God moved during these sessions. Over the course of six weeks we had six conversions for salvation and about ten people renew their lives to God.”


Pastor Wayne Bryant

“In over 27 years of ministry as a pastor, I have rarely experienced a more effective event for the renewal and the equipping of God’s people.”

Pastor Mike Sams

“The ideas he shared with us have helped create a culture of evangelism within our church.”

Pastor Ron Stewart

“I would highly recommend Every Believer a Witness® to unify your church on carrying out the Great Commission.”


Pastor Dwight McKissic

“We are experiencing an increase in additions, baptisms, attendance, and offerings. This is one of the best pastoral decisions I have ever made.”


Pastor Randy Hahn

“It has really inspired a culture of evangelism. It far exceeded my expectations.”

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