Participant Materials

Thank you for registering for an upcoming Pastor Training Clinic. Please find below participant materials including audio and video options along with a printable guide to follow along with.

DESTROYING APATHY – “Why Aren’t We Motivated”AudioVideoGuide
DEVELOPING KNOW-HOW – “What Do We Say?” Part 1AudioVideoGuide
DEFEATING FEAR – “Why Are We Afraid?”AudioVideoGuide
DEVELOPING KNOW-HOW – “What Do We Say?” Part 2AudioVideoGuide
DIVINE POWER – “How Can We See Results?”AudioVideoGuide

Dennis Nunn and Pastor Mike Hamlet lead Every Believer a Witness (EBAW) over 7 Sundays at First Baptist North Spartanburg, SC.

Week 1Video | AudioWeek 5Video | Audio
Week 2Video | AudioWeek 6Video | Audio
Week 3Video | AudioWeek 7Video | Audio
Week 4Video | AudioSynopsisVideo | Audio