I can make whatever adjustments are necessary, but the impact will definitely be maximized if I can have the following teaching times:

Sunday Morning:     45 minutes + invitation  (While this generally requires significant adjustments in the normal schedule it is crucial to have this time to bond with the people and get them committed to the rest of the sessions.)

Sunday Evening:         1 hour, 25 minutes

Monday Evening:        50 minutes

Tuesday Evening:        1 hour, 30 minutes

Wednesday Evening:   55 minutes + invitation



We only need one verse of an upbeat song or chorus to begin the evening sessions.  However, if you have an active choir ministry, having them sing each night (especially during the summer months) is a great way to build attendance. I may need invitation music on Sunday evening, but will not need it in any of the other evening sessions.


We will not need music during the Love Offering at the end of each service. I will use this time to tell the people about why they want to be at the next session, and what they will learn.



We will send the church the PowerPoint presentation a couple of weeks ahead of the Revival, so your AV people can become familiar with it. It has music on the Power Point CD in the Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening Sessions, so it will need to be connected to your sound system.  I will bring a marked copy of Session Notes for your A/V people to use.



We will send you Preparation Materials, including five different posters, a bulletin insert, 4 video clips, and a drama script for your youth or adult drama team.  The DVD will also have a schedule for pre-revival preparation beginning 7 weeks before the Evangelism Training Revival. Churches that fully follow the Preparation Plan consistently see record attendance.



I will bring or ship the Session Notes for each session.  Please have ushers available to pass these out as people enter each service.  Each person 1st Grade and older needs to have his/her own.  It is helpful if the church has pens or pencils available. We recommend that children be in every service, EXCEPT Wednesday evening (Wednesday has adult topics, not appropriate for children 5th grade and younger). Youth should be in all services, especially Wednesday evening.



Please put this on the church’s prayer lists right away, even it if is many months away. It is only appropriate to depend on God’s blessing to have a powerful, anointed week. The Preparation Plan will have more details about praying for the Revival.




Our desire is for this week to be used of God to “create and maintain a culture of witnessing and evangelism®” in your church.  Whether this happens or not will be determined by the modeling and mentoring done by the staff after the week ends.  I ask you to give me 1 to 1 1/2 hours during the day on Monday or Tuesday, and 1 to 1 1/2 hours on Wednesday to meet with the staff to review, practice and refine what we are teaching.  Please ask the staff to bring their Session Notes to each meeting. Also, they may want to bring their lap top or ipad. During the Wednesday time I will also share a Follow-Up Plan to show you how to keep a focus on witnessing. It is impossible to over emphasize that THE COMMITMENT OF THE PASTOR TO THE FOLLOW-UP PLAN IS THE KEY TO THE LASTING IMPACT OF THE WEEK.



Tuesday evening we teach some new ways to use tracts.  We will give the church a list of recommended quantities needed, based on our experience with churches of different sizes.  With your approval, we will have them shipped to the church ahead of time so they can be labeled (we strongly recommend you do not use a rubber stamp) with the church information (Let us know if you would like samples of labels used by other churches).  You will need at least two tables for them on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, with clothes to cover them before the service on Tuesday evening.



Because of the copyright, only the Sunday morning session may be televised or recorded. We have CDs and DVDs of the entire week available for a donation.  We ask the church to provide an 8’ table in the main lobby or foyer area, beginning Sunday morning or evening. If the church can provide a volunteer to staff the table, that will be a blessing.  We ask the church to allow us to put out a sign-up list for our email Prayer/Newsletter.



On Wednesday evening we use a visual object lesson that requires a table (a 6’ is ideal) covered with a cloth. We ask, that if possible, that the pulpit/podium be moved and the table be put in its place.  I need a large metal pot (a cook pot big enough to hold 2-3 gallons), a roll of paper towels, a gallon of whole milk and two – 2 quart bottles of grape Juicy Juice.



If the Pastor attends a local gathering of Pastors on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, we would love to be able to speak then. We like to share a little about our ministry as well as share a brief encouraging message.


NOTE: We ask that you prayerfully consider hosting a Pastors’ Luncheon at the church on Wednesday of the Revival to acquaint some area Pastors with our ministry, IF your church has the capability to do this. Our ministry will be glad to cover the cost of the meal.


Please make all checks payable to:

Every Believer a Witness Ministries
151 Riverwood Glen
Dallas, GA  30157

(We are an incorporated 501 (c) 3 non profit ministry.
Our EIN is 30-214666.  The IRS does not require a W-9).